Green Onion Re Grow Kit – Lasercut Wood Tray (Includes Clay Pebbles & Black Tray) Just add water! Turn Scraps into Food – easy indoor garden



This is a Green Onion Re Grow Kit! It includes a lasercut wood grower lid, clay pebbles (we no longer use rockwool cubes,!) and rooting tray, everything you need, just add water!

Reuse and re grow green onions once you’ve chopped the tops off in your kitchen.

Simple, efficient, and turns your scraps back into fresh-grown food. Helps to eliminate waste from the kitchen, and works anywhere with natural light, or with a grow light.

Wood is sealed in cutting board/butcher block oil and is food-safe. Made for those who like to reduce and reuse. Made in a small shop by me 🙂 This is the easiest way I’ve found to keep a fresh stock of green onions in my own kitchen. Has 32 holes, so it holds about 3+ bunches. This produces more than enough for 2 people! Perfect addition to any household and simple way to have a mini indoor garden! Wood lid measures roughly 7.5 x 5.5 inches x 3mm thick and fits neatly in the black tray.

You may also purchase wood lid with holes by itself and use your own rooting medium and tray.

There is now an acrylic option! Instead of wood, you can now order the lid to be made with black acrylic for a sleek, modern look!

ATTENTION! 2/20/22 I am currently switching away from Rockwool cubes. Supply Chain Issues and general concerns about sustainability and re-usability are driving me to change to clay pebbles, similar to those used in commercial hydroponics. Photos will be updated soon, and all orders placed after 2/20/22 will be will clay pebbles instead of rockwool!


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